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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Learns to Drive" Part TwoGramps told Wesley that he'd have to greet Matty when he comes and
entertain him for a few days. "I gotta see that lawyer Evers in town. The
mortgage is paid off and I wanta get some proof of it. Then I need to
contract for feed and other supplies for the comin' winter. Ken you take
care of everthin?""Sure, don't worry 'bout nothin'. You might take the Ford. It's easier to
drive than yur old truck.""That's mighty nice, but it's yur vi-hic-le. I'll git along fine with the
old truck. 'Sides, Matty may want to take a rid with top model loli 100 you in it."Wesley was alone for half the day when he heard shouting outside. He
looked out his window and saw a young fellow in a car with no roof,
'vertble he thought it was called. "Hey," the young man called, "Don't you
know your old cousin Mat?"Wesley hurried outside and stood at the shiny car."Good lord and little fishes! I'd never know you Matty. You changed into
a 'tirely different person." Wesley stood there smiling so hard his cheeks
hurt. There getting out of the car was a six footer with big broad
shoulders and to top everything off he had a nice beginning of a mustache
growing underneath his nose and chin whiskers. "You look at least twenty
years old. Yur big and just.....growd up....and that voice, it's real
deep. 'Member you used to have a high pipin' sound, like a new born calf.
I have to get used to this new sound. Tell you it makes me feel a little
funny 'cause it buzzes on my chest.""I'm still the same Matti inside, it's just the outside that changed. I
see you're as handsome as ever, eve, more so." He came over and hugged
Wesley so hard he lost his breath. Both boys felt the others equipment
pressing out at them below their flat stomachs and they perteen lolita nude art separated a little
breathless and red faced.Wesley helped unload the bags. There turned out to be just one small
duffle and and a brown paper package. sweet young hardcore lolitas
"That's a birthday present for you
cus. It's a whole quart of the best rum. Your 18 and you gotta have your
first getting' drunk."They had lots to talk about, family and things. Wesley cooked up
hamburgers and 'taters and finished the meal with store bought ice cream.
"Matti growled out in his new deep voice, "You'll make some one a great
wife. Come here. I didn't mean to insult you." He said this because he
noticed Wesley's pretty mouth turned down in a frown. "Let me give you a
kiss to make it better." He grabbed Wesley and kissed him wetly on both
cheeks and then a quick one on the mouth. He left Wesley breathless and
Matty felt a hard shaft pressing on his hip when he kissed his pretty
cousin.Once the dishes were put away the boys stripped to shorts and turned on the
TV. They watched a baseball game. "Oh shit, we forgot the booze. Help me
set up some ice and glasses."They settled back together on the old couch. The TV was off and the radio
was playing some nice music. They sipped the drinks. "It tastes okay,
Matty, I thought it would be preteen lolita foreign web like medicine. The best part is it warms up
my whole body and I don't know why, but I feel like laughing.""Laugh away. Do whatever your body tells you to. We're alone here and we
can kick back and howl. Come closer. Remember a few years ago, last time
I was here, I used to sleep right up against you. I didn't forget. It was
a little like this." He moved his bare chest up against Wesley. Then he
put his head on Wesley's chest and he was right over Wesley's right nipple.
It stiffened and rose from Matty's breath on it. "Hey, I see your tits
like to get in the act." He reached down and stroked the little nubbin.
Wesley moaned from the attention. "You are really a horn dog, and I think
my handsome cus is getting' a little wasted.""I do feel a might dizzy, but good. Your doing that to my chest makes me
even dizzier. I think I better go up and git into bed.""Good idea, I'll be right behind your hot ass."Once in the bedroom Wesley slipped off his shorts. He always slept
natural. Mat seeing this followed his example. The two fell into bed.
Wesley turned away from Mat and closed his eyes tight, best bikini lolita models hoping he'd go right
to sleep, but Mat had his own ideas. He was getting sexed up from the rum,
it always affected him that way. He felt his cock getting stiff and
pushing out toward his cousin. Wesley felt it and he gasped.When Mat took off his shirt, Wes noticed that he had a faint growth of hair
in the middle of his chest and the sight of it kept coming into his mind.
It was so sexy, it make him breathe hard. Now he could feel that fuzz
resting against his smooth back. It was driving him crazy with the
beginnings of lust.Mat spoke into Wes's neck. "Tell me Wes, you discovered wacking off?""Yeah, I think you mean rubbing off yer penis. Sure, it's great.""You ever do any sex with a girl?""No, you?""Yeah, there's this one old gal lives nearby and anytime I get hard up I
kin fuck her. She's not much to look at, but she's real handy close by. "
He paused a long time. "Actually her lovable young nude lolitas
brother is much better lookin' and he
gives head great.""What's head," Wesley asked, having trouble speaking. He had to clear his
throat several times."Head is getting sucked on your penis....or cock as every one else calls
it. lovable young nude lolitas It's the hottest thing there is 'sides fucking.You never had that?""Well truth be told, I just recently 'perienced that. It was a
good-looking fellow who does the driving test down at the county seat. I
still can feel the power of it.""Did you do it back to him?""Now I can't tell you everything, there'd be nothin' left to talk about.
Let's go to sleep. And....Mat, it's okay ifn you want to lean on me."Mat sighed and moved up closer and put his head back on the smooth warm
chest. It was so comforting, he felt himself slipping down fast into a
nice heavy sleep.Wes woke up before Mat. Mat had moved to the side during the night. He
was lying on his back and it gave a chance to Wes to really look over his
new changed cousin. He loved the long legs free pics lolitas secondary with a fuzz of hair on the
shins, the slight shadow on the cheeks, indicating Mat would lolita art and pics
have to shave
a lot in a few years. Three years earlier Mat had a thin three inch penis.
Now it was a formidable tool. The head poked out slightly from the heavy
foreskin. He guessed it was about five inches or more soft. It lay
snuggled against the hollow on the top of Mat's low hanging balls. Mat
leaned over the sniffed the package. It smelled great, ripe and manly. He
kept smelling and realized that the cock was rising and filling out and the
odor became more distinct.Mat swallowed and moaned in his sleep. Mat could see that his balls were
moving slightly inside their fleshy sack. Mat couldn't stop from going
further. His own cock was hard and pulsing. He stuck out an exploratory
tongue and licked the head of the sleeping boy's cock. Suddenly Mat woke
up. He looked down at his crotch and smiled. He spoke in a very deep
morning voice, "Hey cus, you're getting me riled up. I saw your ass last
night when you turned over. It is the nicest one I've ever seen. I think
you would like some attention paid to it. Should I try?"Wes cleared his throat. "Now I can't say I never thought about it, but
you're kinda big to fit in my hole. I kin hardly git my finger in there.
It does feel good when I fool around in my hind quarters."Mat embraced him tightly. He kissed him and then kissed his way down Wes's
smooth body until he encountered the boy's rampant cock. He suckled it
gentle until Wes was moaning in extreme sexual passion. Finally they broke
apart. Wes said softly, "I'll try to do it....fer you, cause I love you
and want you to have pleasure. But stop ifn I hurt too bad."Mat placed Wes on his knees and elbows. Wes felt his ass was exposed and
vulnerable. Mat stared at the perfectly shaped pear halves in front of
him. Between he could see the round hairless hole. It was slightly open
now and he could see pinkness inside. This lolita art and pics meant that Wes was already
primed for entry. But still Mat felt he had to have permission. He put
his hands on the crouching boy, his back was shooting sweat of fear. He
stroked him lovingly. "Wes, I can't go in unless you ask for it."Wes stayed in the same position. Finally he said haltingly, "Cus, I just
don't have the courage to ask for it. I hope I would be so hot for it that
I couldn't even think.""Maybe I can do that." He wet his finger and stroked Wes's ass hole. Wes
grunted in pleasure. Then the finger went inside. "It's not too tight, at
least for my finger. Let's see how we can get it ready for the big time.
He slipped two fingers in. Wes moaned, but didn't stop him. Mat decided
he had to do more so that Wes was so filled with lust that he couldn't say
no. He began licking the hole. Wes now was almost crooning with passion.
Then he began fucking the boy with his tongue."Oh, that's so hot, so good. Matty, I think I'm getting' near ready fer
yur sexual organ to come in.""That's good Wes, but I want you to say loudly, "Fuck Me Mat!", until I
hear that, I'm not goin' do nothin'"It came loud and clear, "Fuck me Mat. Do it now, make me yur boy."Mat moaned in excitement and put the head of his cock top model loli 100
against the boy's
hole. "Yes, yes," Wes sobbed, "Do it!"Mat pushed past the resistance and soon half of his cock was in the
steaming hole. Tears were running down Wes's face, tear of fulfillment and
passion. "Go all the way, fuck me like I wuz a cow."That did it. With a triumphant cry, Mat pushed all the way so that he
pubic hair was against the boy's muscular ass. He began moving out and
then in. The two of them were mewling in abandon. "Wait," Mat said. lolly child models russian "Let
me turn you around so I can kiss you while we fuck." Carefully they moved,
never losing cock to ass contact. Finally Wes's legs were around Mat's
trunk and Mat's legs extended past Wes's ass. They sighed and rocked, then
Mat put his hands on Wes's waist and lifted him up and down. They moaned
and blubbered it total abandon.Through it all Mat knew that he was conquering the farm boy. He knew that
Wes would plead to have his ass stuffed ever afterward and Mat was the one
to do it. He loved ass fucking more than anything in the world.He could feel Wes's hard cock against his stomach. He longed to stroke it,
but he was determined that Mat would cum by virtue of the fucking inside.
And now Wes felt something new. He called out wildly. "What was that. I
feel like I'm already ready to cum. Yer rubbing something inside that's
shaking and making my penis feel harder than it's ever been."Mat kissed him deeply, sucked his tongue and drank his spit. "That's your
hot button. I will move back and forth over it and you will get a cum like
you never imagined. And when I see you are about to cum, I will take the
brakes off and let my poor over wrought cock spew. Let's go for it now.He positioned himself so that he was back and forth over the male clit.
Wes was drenched with sweat. He was dizzy and spinning in pleasurable
agony. He was poised on the edge of a mighty cum, then one more hard pass
over his inside organ and he cried out that he was cumming. Mat looked
down and saw the piss slit opening up and cum beginning to bubble forth,
then a long stream. He stopped looking as his eye balls rolled up and his
own orgasm overtook him. He spun in orbit calling out each time a stream
erupted. Finally the two hugged each other and they coasted back to Earth."Well, what you think cus?""That's the most greatest thang I ever felt. I'm grateful to you. My rear
is a little sore, but can you believe, ifn you asked, I would lay down
again and take another ass for fucking.""I enjoyed it too cus. There is no one anywhere who could compare to you
as a hot ass. I think we better get washed and dressed. I have a
hankering for eggs."They tried, but two hours later they were back. This time Mat lay down
with his cock in the air and Wes slowly sank down until the cock was all
inside. Then he began a liftin and arockin until Mat was crying out in
excitement. "You're learning too much too fast. You are makin my head
fall off with yur fuckin me." But he couldn't go on. Soon his hips were
lifting and fucking the moving ass until he was too weak to lift as he
began shooting into the farm boy's hot ass. Feeling the spurts going in
set Wes off and he shot over Mat's head and then onto his face and neck.The boy's sucked a 69 later and then fucked that night and the next
morning. Pretty soon Gramps was expected so they cleaned up all the cum
and washed the sheets. Gramps was very pleased they were getting on so
well.Too bad it would be a year before they would see each other again, but
there were other asses to fuck and other cocks to suck. That is the way
with farm boys and their cousins.
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